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Svendborg Judo Masters 2023 – Returning to Judo competition

Without ambitions other than having fun, I participated in the Svendborg Judo Masters on October 7th, and I had a fantastic day. I achieved some good things on the mat, enjoyed the company of my fellow judo friends, and made some new ones along the way. This is exactly what masters judo is all about: friendship and fun – and, of course, the matches, all of which took place in a wonderfully friendly atmosphere.

I competed in my own class, which was probably men between 93 and 98 kilos (the tournament has no weight classes or weigh-ins). In my group I won 2 out of 4 matches. I lost to my friend from the Faroe Islands and to a good fighter from the Isle of Man. In the open class I also struggled ok. After being overseeded in round 1, I won two matches to reach the final, where I again lost to my friend from the Faroe Islands. All in all 7 matches that all lasted between 10 seconds and 2 min. Not bad, and of course I am satisfied that I can still actually throw people.

It’s definitely certain that I will participate in more tournaments in the future, when it fits into my schedule.

I highly recommend Svendborg Judo Club’s Masters tournament. It’s definitely a tournament that everyone should participate in, and perhaps bring your partner/husband/wife along to have an experience.

I have always had different motivations to enter competitions in the past. When I was young I just entered becacuse I loved everything that surrounded a judo competition. When I go older and had less competitive mindset, the objective was usually collecting points for the next dan grade. Now – I just do it for the fun of it, and the joy kinda feels like the same, as when I was young.

I you want to learn more about Svendborg Judo Masters in Denmark, go to the tournament website and pre-register for 2024

Here are some impressions from my mathces during the day.

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