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Kata seminar in Hamburg

German accuracy and efficiency – does it also exist in judo? You can even say that it does, I had that exact experience at a kata seminar in Hamburg.

The teacher has to learn as well

It has been a dream of mine for a long time, to expand my kata repertoire with one of the Kodokan kata, which has never been taught in Denmark. ITSUTSU-NO-KATA!
So my kata training partner Buster Højland Andersen and I were extremely happy, when we got invited to the Bundesoffene Katalehrgang in Hamburg, arranged by Hamburger Judo-Verband e.V. (HIV) .
We spent a whole Saturday learning the Japanese Itsutsu-no-kata, one of the two kata that KANO leaned as a practitioner of Tenjin Shinyō-ryū jujutsu.
There is not much documentation for the kata, there are some who describe it as unfinished, etc.
It’s a super interesting kata that, just like everything else in judo, you can find details to geek out over for years.

On the second day of the seminar, we attanded the “Katame-no-kata”-course. The coache was none other than the German Judo Federations head kata coach, Sebastian Frey, former World Championships runner up, in this particular kata. We have rarely met a coach who went into such details, to the level he did. He highlighted things as if we didn’t know about either the kata, or the individual techniques from which it is built. It is a fantastic inspiration to meet a coach who is so geeky and at the same time effective in kata.

Itsutsu-no-kata is a longer story, although the kata is short. It has a long history behind it and it is something we must practice in the future, also when we come to Japan again.
As always, when you travel to other countries, you meet people you have known for decades, etc. That is one of the greatest joys of judo 🙂

We also got to see Hamburger Judo-Team e.V. (HJT) win their last round match in the Bundesliga with 8-6 🙂 That was alright!


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