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IJF Academy – Gaining knowledge

Before launching this website, I had started a coaching course at the International Judo Federation, IJF Academy. The training takes place primarily online and you are taken through an online test, on average once a week.
The training is designed to train coaches to work more effectively with young and novice athletes, primarily at national level.

The curriculum covers both theoretical aspects and the practical training skills. At the same time, it provides a solid theoretical basis that can, for example, give access to several IJF Academy courses at a higher level. I have the option of taking 5 practice tests before the real test, as well as taking the test 3 times. You must get 60% correct to pass.

The education is divided into 3 blocks. Social Science, Life Science and Coaching. Below these are a total of 14 sub-courses, which must ensure that a judo coach knows what he needs to know in order to have the level to be a strong and reliable club coach throughout the world. As this is being written, I have just finished SOCIAL SCIENCE and sat for the exam in “About IJF”, “Classification of Judo” (2 tests of 4), “Culture of Judo”, “History of Judo” and “Role of the Instructor”.

Every single week I look forward to reading the next week’s syllabus. Now, for example, a more extensive course in Exercise Physiology is starting, which I have 2 weeks to study before the exam in 12 days. A topic that looks really exciting.

The course ends with a practical seminar, where you really get to put your discipline and technical skills to the test. Here you attend a 7-day course, where you have to be examined in the classic Kodokan kata, Nage-no-kata and train the 100 Kodokan techniques – and to test in 16 random ones! I am really looking forward to that!

Want to learn more about IJF Academy? Follow this link

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