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I passed my 4th dan exam

Today came the day when I passed my 4th dan exam. Today is not just the result of 36 years of judo training, because I would have done that regardless. It is also the result of more than 7 months of kata training in my club in Svendborg, in Copenhagen and of course , Kodokan’s kata-dojo in Tokyo. 7 months of dedication, not only by myself but also my uke.

The exam itself took about 20 minuttes, incl. the kata. After the kata I demonstrated the build-up of O-soto-gari from beginners level, to examples for competitive judoka. Then a short breakdown of my favorite throw, Yoko-Tomoe-Nage

Thanks to everyone who has given advice, filmed, criticized and generally made their time available. Special thanks to my uke, who has been the victim of the kata more than 900 times.

Watch the Kata on my YouTube Channel. There you’ll also find the rest of the examination

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